Human Connection Business: The Successful Connection

What we say, what we think and how we feel, has a direct impact on the world around us and what happens next. Whether we create the path to success or failure we create it all with energy.

No matter the position, or how financially secure one is

Human Connection BusinessHuman Connection Business

Energy remains the underlying power for all

No matter the reason, all have one thing in common…to witness something amazing, to feel amazing. We teach you to recognize what energy is, how to feel it and to use it for success.

The Law of Attraction is one of the most important things to remember in business, but it is also about feeling the joy that you want NOW. That you already have this success, all is in the now. Every thought and dream you create will come back to you as it is a part of you. Remember you already have this joy and gratitude for what you have created. Show gratitude for this gift that you have already received and send it out to the world. It will come back to you in successful way, for business and for personal, . So let go that everything you’ve said and done to others that is negative, forgive yourself, go forward and make sure everything you do is what you want the Universe to give back to you. all that you say is what you want the Universe to give back to you. This is the Law of the Energy, The Law of the Universe

When people go to a conference or meeting and listen to an awe-inspiring speech, they come from a place where the energy they left, was either dark or light. So, what happens at the end of the conference whether or not the individual is ready to begin a new life? The hope is to go forth, be empowered by the speeches given and start a new life: A home life filled with love and business life filled with abundance.. But most often, after a few days, things settle and status-quo kicks in…the individual tends to go back to their old ways.

How can an individual retain the energetically charged speech long after they go home? This is done by separating the heightened energy created from the conference and apply it to life, in this way the reality one goes back to, won’t stand a chance.

Benefits from taking Human Connection: The Successful Connection

  • Fall in love with yourself and be in complete oneness
  • Discover communication and mutual understanding
  • Manifest your dreams
  • Read subtle energy for the physical, emotional, and spiritual signs for successful decision making
  • Self exploration, through expression on an energetic level and through meditation
  • Learn to love and share unconditionally, in personal and in business, creating a unified connection to Source and Oneness in one another
  • Remove resistances to one another and to successful endeavors
  • Gain trust in intuition for positive decision making and development
  • Create a deep connection with your business partners built to last
  • Strengthen the connection in business and personal relationships when in need of repairs
  • Discover a whole new world of Happiness and Success
  • Harmonize on the physical, emotional & mental planes
  • Infuse Energy in your drive, for the perfect combination creating a solid foundation
  • Connecting with your peers / employees (ers) and find the missing pieces to close the gap
  • “Freeze Frame” & recreate the most important moments in your life all over again

Human Connection Business: The Successful Connection

Success is in the NOW!!!, not something need “go and get”, Believe you already have it, and it is yours.

Corporate Team

Introduction to Human Connection Business

  • Know how to take care of yourself completely in order to fully support your peers / employees (ers)
  • Become the most emotionally stable and strongest you can be
  • Learn how to recognize different realities (Darkest emotional state of mind to the purest and lightest) and how this brings success to business
  • See beyond the perception of experiences
  • Recognize the “now” in all events related to past, present and future
  • Develop the skills to “rewind” and “fast forward” time. This will help learn to let go of past experiences that causes pain in order to fast forward into a perfect future
  • Learn to “Bend Space” – Know and recognize who will lead you to the “pot of gold”
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Fees: $150 per person (up to 8 people)
  • $125 for each additional person (groups of 9 or more)

Human Connection Business 2

Personal Connection Part 1: Personal Wisdom in Business

  • Connecting Energy Systems (Chakras, Ley lines) Tap into another’s positive energy and use it to motivate yourself
  • Loving Yourself
  • Connecting the Elements within us. (Eg: Calm during a presentation = Water, Driven to get more clients = Fire)
  • How to accept, be proud and be honored by yourself in order recognize you have all you need to be successful, because YOU ARE successful
  • Discover Communication and Mutual Understanding
  • Learn to embrace “Like Attracts LIke” also Energy you put forward will shower you with the Energy you receive
  • Learn to accept and embody, that If you know you are successful, then you will attract those who are successful
  • Prerequisites: Introduction to Human Connection Business
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Fees: $200 per person (up to 8 people)
  • $175 for each additional person (groups of 9 or more)

Personal Part 2

Personal Connection Part 2: Deepening Self Love and Empowerment

  • Connecting to your True Ascended Self and sitting within your power
  • How the food we eat connects us to others and to the Earth
  • Connecting “Time”, aligning to past, present and future as the “NOW”
  • Finding a great deep love of yourself and a true love of all life
  • Finding a sense of belonging, and sense of finally coming home
  • Connect to oneness, maintaining motivation without having huge dips in consciousness
  • Prerequisites: Personal Connection Part 1: Personal Wisdom in Business
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Fees: $250 per person (up to 8 people)
  • $225 for each additional person (groups of 9 or more)

Human connection personal 3

Personal Connection Part 3: Universal Connection

  • Regulate one’s body temperature
  • Be able to control cold of your environment
  • Be able to control heat of your environment
  • Crossing the Veil of time
  • Flow with the Earth in connection to humanity and all living beings
  • Flow with the elements in and out of us
  • Prerequisites: Personal Connection Part 2: Deepening Self Love and Empowerment
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Fees: $300 per person (up to 8 people)
  • $275 for each additional person (groups of 9 or more)

 Human Connection BusinessEnergy Success

Manifest your dreams and your lives will change in the ways you’ve dreamed of.

Everything in your life is about climbing the mountain. Nothing is about “I’ll take care of it later” Every little thing counts. Everything does. The more you discredit the little things the more they build up and the more they take over you.

There is coincidence. All lies with energy, orchestrated to succeed.

Stop looking at yourself and compare yourself with others. Beat your OWN goals, surpass your OWN dreams. Beat yourself find your own dreams. your last sale, your last numbers. Constantly surpass your own best, break your own records. constantly beating the best you can be to be better. Inspired by David Goggins

“I want this, and better” That is your goal. Say to yourself “today is the best day” in every day starting now and going forward.