Quantum Reiki Grand Master Certification Program

Let go of all that holds you back with the Quantum Reiki Grand Master Certification. Launch into your life purpose and create your New Birth.

Looking at ourselves under the microscope,

To create the new You

Take your Reiki practice above and beyond with the Quantum Reiki Grand Master Certification Program.

When we look at Reiki, we understand it to be an amazing form of energetic balancing, where many of the causes for stress and anxiety are tended to and cared for in a loving manner. This in turn helps to create a healthy mind, body and soul.

When we apply Quantum Reiki, we are engaging with the energies of the Reiki field, supercharging it with the Universal keys and focusing these keys on all the areas of our lives, from the cosmic to the DNA recreating our stories. When we enable communication with all life in all of existence, we create a bond that cannot be broken.. Our appreciation for all that is, was, and ever will be, is acknowledged in the cosmos. The truth of who we really are is expressed through our soul mission that now all obstacles are observed and changed to catapult us into our highest and best possibilities and potential.

Benefits for people to receive, learn and practice, Quantum Reiki
  • Never need another symbol or Reiki class after this
  • Deep rooted cleansing of the body, mind and soul in the Akash
  • Connect to yourself on a DNA level
  • DNA repair at it’s deepest levels
  • Similar to experiencing many past life regressions in one session
  • Working with the subconscious at the surface
  • Instantaneous results due to it’s potency
  • Expand on the language of Quantum wellness
  • Learn to change and transmute the download from the cosmic internet
  • Play and Create with the joyous energies & engage with all aspects of You
  • Develop further your relationships with your energies
  • Face and accept the energies to surrender to the Universe
  • Use Reiki energy to impact the DNA body, mind and spirit

Quantum Reiki Grand Master Certification Program

Quantum Reiki Level 5 – Burning Away What No Longer Serves You

Quantum Reiki 5

Be the Tiger or Tigress, Courageous & Strong
  • Jumpstart your frequencies
  • Create motivation
  • Help stimulate Kundalini
  • Deepen connection to Creation
  • Burn away fears
  • Learn to let go the lack of safety
  • Lett go of fertility blockages (If applicable)
  • Improve sensuality
  • Burn away issues tied to sexuality and sexual drive
  • Prerequisites: Quantum Reiki Master Certification, Online Video Chat
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Fees: $250

Quantum Reiki Level 6 – The Flow of Life

Quantum Reiki 5

Be the calm in the eye of the storm
  • Deeper development of your intuition no matter what level you’re at now
  • Psychic and empathic abilities greatly enhanced
  • Unblock and release inabilities, empowering your 3rd Eye
  • View the Akasha at a different level, further than anything you’ve ever learned from other Reiki practices
  • Move the energy within the body and out of the body
  • Empower your third eye
  • Wash away Insomnia
  • Eliminate anger
  • Let go of fears
  • Remove insecurities
  • Clear away judgement
  • Release stagnation of outdated grounded beliefs
  • Prerequisites: Quantum Reiki 5
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Fees: $250

Quantum Reiki Level 7 – Unraveling the Secrets of Subconscious Blocks

Quantum Reiki 7

Let go, face your shadows and fears. See the “flip slide” of things. This key is essential to the Grand Master Level.
  • Reveals the secrets of the subconscious in ways you may needed to know the root cause
  • Highlights something deep within the Shadow-Self to repair it and clear it without actually having to know what it is
  • Shows you unknown truths
  • Isolates something unstable within you, corner it and make it show its true colors (physical and non)
  • Aids in discovering the root cause of repetitive depression
  • Helps find the root of PTSD
  • Encourages the elimination of paranoia
  • Helps to conquer unknown traumas
  • Prerequisites: Quantum Reiki 6
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Fees: $300

Quantum Reiki Level 8 – True Balance & The Middle Way

Quantum Reiki 8

Bring the extremes of all aspects of your life into balance for ultimate release
  • Slowing down the emotional impact of the environment, allowing you to think fast in order to come up with a solution
  • Highlights the source of energy that is affecting a certain aspect of life
  • Bring the Hermetic laws into balance
  • Identify where the Yin and Yang have imbalance of life frequencies of mind, body and spirit
  • Can slow down the velocity of an energy affecting a Life frequency
  • Helps you come to terms with why something emotionally impacted you
  • Opens up lessons within the Chakras in order to complete your Life Mission
  • Neutralizes emotional pain that may be unresolved
  • Prerequisites: Quantum Reiki 7
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Fees: $350

Quantum Reiki Grand Master Certification – Happiness, Joy, Grace & Bliss

Quantum Reiki 9

– The all encompassing frequency key –
This key is the key of New Birth. Look at aspects of yourself in every Universe. The grounding anchor all other keys. This level is more experienced than explained.
  • Neutralizes emotional pain that may be unresolved, and detaches you from it
  • Can be experienced as electricity, burning sensation, increased heart rate, or static
  • Mirrors an individual’s vibration back at oneself for transmutation, transfiguration, and transformation
  • Brings Illumination to all shadows involved in an experience
  • Highlights clues to aspects of the Soul that need cleaning
  • Unifies the Oneness within all that is with ones system
  • Cuts through illusions being projected by everyday Life
  • Helps build a healing experience that restructures extreme stagnation in ones Life
  • Cuts through energetic tethers within the subconscious

**Disclaimer: ● This symbol cannot be used on children, small animals or household plants ● Exception is on large trees and animals such as cows and horses ● If you willingly doing so, you will lose the energies and abilities you’ve gained from the program, since you’ve knowingly used them against the Quantum Reiki Ethical Code**

  • Prerequisites: Quantum Reiki 8
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Fees: $350

Quantum Reiki focuses on using ALL of Reiki so that you can use Reiki to it’s maximum potential, therefore this program is considered above the Reiki Master Certification Program.

Read from the US National Library of Medicine for a bit more on quantum physics and Energy Medicine (EM) modalities. Click Here