Quantum Reiki Master Certification Program

Bring the entire universe to your cells with Quantum Reiki, by amplifying Reiki energy for the deepest repair you can imagine.

When we look at ourselves under the microscope,

Quantum Reiki introCellular

We understand the truth of the Universe

Take your Reiki practice to the next level with the Quantum Reiki Master Certification Program.

When we look at Reiki, we understand it to be an amazing form of energetic balancing, where many of the causes for stress and anxiety are tended to and cared for in a loving manner. This in turn helps to create a healthy mind, body and soul.

When we apply Quantum Reiki, we are engaging with the energies of the Reiki field, supercharging it with the Universal keys and focusing these keys on all the areas of our lives, from the cosmic to the cellular. When we enable communication with all life in all of existence, we create a bond that cannot be broken.. Our appreciation for all that is, was, and ever will be, is acknowledged in the cosmos, and the truth of who we really are is expressed through our soul mission.

Benefits for people to receive, learn and practice, Quantum Reiki
  • Deep rooted cleansing of the body, mind and soul
  • Connect to yourself on a cellular level
  • Cellular repair
  • Similar to experiencing many past life regressions in one session
  • Brings the subconscious to the surface
  • Potential instantaneous results due to it’s potency
  • Learn the language of Quantum wellness
  • Gain knowledge on how to “download” from the cosmic internet
  • Experience the joy in engaging with your energies
  • Connect on a relational level with your energies
  • Learn to delete what no longer serves in all aspects of your life
  • Use Reiki energy to impact the cellular body and get to the root cause of all that is

Quantum Reiki Master Certification Program

Quantum Reiki Level 1 – Opening the Channels to the Quantum WorldQuantum Reiki 1

Dive into the keys that will open the door to the deepest levels of your conscious and subconscious, connecting to yourself on a cellular level

  • Introducing Antojai Reiki
  • Be able to feel what the love of the Universe feels like
  • Introduction to what it feels like to embrace all life
  • Combining more than one energy key
  • Learn to quiet the mind and hone in on the energies
  • How to playfully take the energy out of one place and put in into another
  • Focus on your heart in order to tap into the Quantum Reiki world
  • Learn to accept and love every relationship, amplifying the use of Quantum Reiki
  • Using Quantum clarity of the mind
  • Prerequisites: Reiki Master Certification, Online Video Chat
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Fees: $175

Quantum Reiki Level 2 – The Beginning of all Life

Quantum Reiki 2

Take care of yourself on the physical plane with this key, as you manifest wellness and create the beginnings a beautiful relationship with your energy
  • How to download from the Cosmic Internet
  • Learn the way to connect between the Talisman and the Body
  • Create wellness within the digestion system
  • Learn to let go of fear
  • Have a deeper connection with all life
  • During use of Talisman, develop a constant connection to True Self
  • Learn the abilities from the Universal understanding of the physical world
  • Let go of what we think we need to do
  • Recognizing to trust the energy and letting go of doubt
  • Prerequisites: Quantum Reiki Level 1
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Fees: $175

Quantum Reiki Level 3a – Beginning of Light Entering into Your Life

Quantum Reiki 3 Light

Imagine life not tied to us or our personal experiences, but having the ability to access all life across the universe, to explore, engage with and feel how all the vibrations of the cosmos directly impact us
  • Allowing the purest potential of light into itself and across the universe
  • Be able to convert the light beam and use it to help others
  • Use the light that flows throughout the cosmos and into you
  • Differentiate the vibrations of all of creation
  • Be able to recognize where and how keys flow out of everything
  • Connect to more than what we know as life on Earth
  • Connect to all universal lifeforms
  • Impact the cellular body across all our lifetimes and more
  • Dive into the subconscious, remove blocks and embrace happiness
  • Clean out the emotional and spiritual body
  • Prerequisites: Quantum Reiki Level 1, 2
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Fees: $200

Quantum Reiki Level 3b – Beginning of First Breath

Divine Breath

Reduce the need to constantly seek joy and not find it , Remove the illusion of Karma where you feel you have no control, and Replenish your Soul with nourishment built to last.
  • Remove complications and struggles within your life
  • Help yourself and others to bring joy into your existence
  • Cleanse your spirit and soul
  • Say goodbye to Karma
  • Recognize your goals for health and success
  • Nourish your overall soul’s health
  • Rediscover your life purpose
  • Create an overall improvement on your life
  • Gain emotional courage
  • Remove spiritual blockages
  • Prerequisites: Quantum Reiki Level 1, 2, 3a
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Fees: $200

Quantum Reiki Master Level – The Skeleton Key

Quantum Reiki Master

– The Only Key you’ll EVER Need –

Using the Quantum Reiki Master level key will allow you to tap into your subconscious, harness the power within, and provide you with the ability to know exactly which key to use and when. Since Quantum Reiki is the root of all Reiki energies, you will also be able to obtain the knowledge to copy any and all Reiki symbols, no matter from which Reiki Academy you’ve seen them from and use it in your sessions as though you have already been attuned to them. With this method, those Reiki symbols will be boosted beyond their existing potential to their highest potential. The more you work with this key, the more it becomes a part of you and teaches you exactly how to use it. Learn the ultimate key so that you never need another Reiki course again. Become the Master of Masters

**Disclaimer: This symbol cannot be used on children, small animals, small plants Large trees and animals such as cows and horses, are ok, but should never be used on household pets. If you willingly do so, you will lose the energies and abilities you’ve gained from the program, since you’ve knowingly used them against the Quantum Reiki Ethical Code**

  • Prerequisites: Quantum Reiki Level 1, 2, 3a, 3b
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Fees: $250

Quantum Reiki focuses on using ALL of Reiki so that you can use Reiki to it’s maximum potential, therefore this program is considered beyond the Reiki Master Certification Program. The final goal is Quantum Reiki Grand Master Certification

Read from the US National Library of Medicine for a bit more on quantum physics and Energy Medicine (EM) modalities. Click Here