Sacred Geometry Children: The Secret Code

Learn how Sacred Geometry Children greatly improves focus, concentration and creativity. The “Secret Code’s beauty is in its infinite potential. Ages 5-17yrs

We have the unique ability to subconsciously recognize geometric order,

and with this ability, our wonderful world becomes our canvas

Have your child or teen engage with the Universe like never before, and they will begin to see it as it was meant to be seen.

Imagination and creativity are keys to unlocking true potential, and with this, a child or young adult’s mind expands beyond the limits of the Universe. When one focuses on sacred shapes, one not only identifies with creation itself, but the way in which it is created. Through observation of its existence in nature, one can connect and discover what these symbols mean to them, and how they relate to one’s own life. No matter one’s age or universal understanding, these principles reveal an amazing gift for everyone to experience in their own way.

We walk through the formation of sacred shapes as they transform right before our eyes into the living, breathing universe in which we are a part. Using audio and visual art forms, one will learn how to construct shapes through various art mediums, such as sound vibrations, freehand sketching, use of the mathematical compass, as well as paint.& brush.

  • Enhance the creative mind’s capacity
  • Heighten levels of concentration and focus (helpful for those with learning challenges)
  • Feel excitement about exploring the world outside
  • Gain a deeper connection with nature (environment & food)
  • Learn how to engage in deep meditation and focus
  • Activate the capacity to create one’s own Sacred Geometry shapes
  • Create more complex geometric shapes that has never been seen before
  • Gain confidence in one’s creative abilities
  • Advanced intuition using Sacred Geometry and the roadmap
  • Receive a certificate recognized by the Canadian Naturo-Therapy Association

Sacred Geometry Children’s Program

All classes are designed to bring students into a world of universal proportions. With each class, the geometric shapes will get progressively more complex, allowing for mindful expansion and connection with all that is, was, and ever will be.
Intro to Sacred Geometry

Introduction to Sacred Geometry Children

Welcome to the first taste of the Universe seen through a new creative lens

  • Learn how the “Secret Code” of the Universe unlocks inner potential
  • Draw freehand Sacred Geometry in the sequence of creation, unlocking the “know-how” to create new and existing geometric shapes
  • Know where to look for the Universal shapes (Environment & Food)
  • Recognize geometric order in normally unidentifiable circumstances
  • Know the flow of nature through exploration to tap into one’s own flow and place in creation
  • Meditation and calming practice through the focus on activated geometry
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Fees: $75

Sacred Geometry Kids Freehand

Sacred Geometry by Freehand and Compass

Widening the lens, students will learn how to draw the next level Sacred Geometry shapes. Using the intro course as a base they will:

  • Draw Sacred Geometry by freehand and mathematical compass
  • Feel centered and balanced through the application of geometry
  • Untangle the mind’s confusion by untangling the geometric webs
  • Learn meditation techniques enabling the creation of unique geometry
  • Connecting to Universal Truth and True Self
  • Get excited about feeling in control while gaining the confidence to take on new tasks
  • Even if your child is visually impaired, they are fully capable to experience all the Universe has to offer in ALL its glory.
  • Prerequisites: Introduction to Sacred Geometry
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Fees: $100

Sacred Geometry Paint Kids

Canvasing Sacred Shapes with Paint & Brush

Diving deeper into the realm of Sacred Geometry, opening the possibilities on canvas, students will:

  • Envelop the Universal colors, and learn to manifest it on canvas
  • Embrace their own creativity, enabling them to apply it in their own lives
  • Learn problem solving techniques through art and meditation
  • Appreciate the world as it was designed and be encouraged to protect it’s beauty
  • Learn to follow their intuition through creative techniques, designed by the Sacred Geometry itself
  • Even if your child experiences CVD (Color Vision Deficiency), they are fully capable to experience all the Universe has to offer in ALL its glory.
  • Prerequisites: Introduction to Sacred Geometry, Sacred Geometry Freehand and Compass
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Fees: $100

Sacred Geometry Sound

Sound Vibrations on a Geometric Scale

Watch and feel the effects of sound vibration as it transforms art into magic

  • How to play the Singing Bowl, and apply its fundamental purposes of “Sound Healing”
  • How to bring out your inner composer and create pieces of engaging music using the singing bowls
  • Connect soothing tones with Sacred Geometry shapes
  • Create Sacred Shapes using a variation of tones and vibrations which they will compose
  • To identify their vibrational center and create the visuals which represents them
  • An introduction to connecting the singing bowl to the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Ether)
  • Even if your child suffers from a hearing impairment, they are fully capable to experience all the Universe has to offer in ALL its glory.
  • Prerequisites: Introduction to Sacred Geometry, Sacred Geometry Freehand and Compass, Sacred Geometry Paint & Brush
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Fees: $125

Sacred Geometry kids 5 elements

The 5 Elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ether)

Connecting what the students have learned, and the mediums used from the previous courses, to form a deeper bond with the Universal Elements. Students will:

  • Learn how to discover Sacred Geometry in each of the 5 elements
  • Engage with the element they feel drawn to and learn how to tap into their potential using this element
  • Expand their meditation practice and focus to include the geometry coming from the 5 elements
  • Connect with your True Self and the True Self of others
  • Create sacred shapes from their own intuition
  • Expand on the Singing Bowl’s vibrations connected to the elements
  • Learn the language of the Universe
  • Recognize how to respond to the Universe’s call for help
  • Prerequisites: All previous Sacred Geometry classes
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Fees: $150

Everyone is unique, and has the ability to understand the “Secret Code” of the Universe, once they are given the tools to discover it. Embrace all the Universe has to offer, and forever be transformed with Sacred Geometry for Children and Teens

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