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Inside every child, there's a SUPER HERO waiting to be discovered

Agape Energy Academy

Academy for Adults

Where the Universe BECOMES your Playground

Agape Energy Academy

Wellness Center

Revitalize & Rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Soul

Agape Energy Academy

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Wholeness IS Oneness

Agape Energy Academy

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Experience the Energy in Nature


Agape Children's Academy

Courses for Children & Teens (5 – 17 yrs)

Children have a special place within our community. Our mission is to encourage and recognize their beauty within, by enabling the discovery of their own unique gifts. Empowering children to follow their “inner-knowing”, to love and appreciate everything about themselves, while sharing their wonderful abilities with the world, aiding to alleviate pain and suffering from themselves and humanity, bringing communities into oneness.

Empower "Inner-Knowing"

Children recognize their "special gifts" from early on, although communication challenges can lead to misunderstanding, suppressed anger, loneliness, stress and fear. We help to recognize, bring forward, and communicate with these gifts clearly and positively, allowing them to feel better about themselves, bringing peace and harmony within and to others.

Acceptance and Love of own Uniqueness

The difficulties to understand the gifts within, can feed into depressive states of consciousness for both the child and the other. Learning to accept ALL that one has to offer as part of their complete being, allows for acceptance and unconditional love to shine through.

Tailored to each individual's needs

A child's uniqueness is what makes them so special. Our academy highlights this uniqueness and customizes the experience for each individual, allowing for maximum potential at the highest level.

Courses Offered

Master Certification
Sacred Geometry:
The Secret Code
Quantum Power Intuition:
The Super Human Child
The Rainbow Flame

Agape Academy for Adults

Courses for all ages (Adults)

Welcome to your Academy of the Energetic Arts. Here you are given the opportunity to discover the true essence of what it means to be you. The energy within will shine bright, illuminating your life and all those who are a part. Each series of courses is designed to greatly enhance your known gifts, as well as bring out those you didn’t even know existed. Taking the first step on this journey, will surely be one you will not want to return from, but rather to see how far it will take you!

Tap into a FREE Amazing Energy Field

You are your own source of ABUNDANCE & LOVE. Tap into a FREE amazing energy field to harness the power and divine essence within. Gain confidence in yourself while you learn how to heal and transform your own life as well as those around you.

Peace and Harmony within your Heart & Soul

Energy goes where thoughts flow. Become all you are meant to be through a new understanding of your place in the universe. Dive into the realm of Past, Present and Future to alleviate fears, clear blockages and promote life-long joy and bliss deep within.

Conquer Fear & Stress, Achieve Love & Success

Create and solidify relationships on the cosmic plane, whether it's reaching the highest levels of intimacy, reconnecting with long-lost relatives or creating the ultimate business success story. You are in control of your own reality, make it one you will remember forever.

Courses Offered

Master Certification
Quantum Energy:
Holy Fire Reiki:
Master Certification
Sacred Geometry:
The Secret Code
Quantum Power Intuition:
The Superhuman
Human Connection:
Divine Connection
Human Connection:
Successful Connection
Ancient Secrets

Agape Academy Wellness Centre

For All Ages (Children, Teens & Adults)

Leave your stresses and worries behind as you come into a space like no other. Revitalize and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in a quiet, serene atmosphere, designed with you in mind. Whether to rebalance your energy due to personal challenges, or strengthen your focus for an upcoming presentation, there is something for everyone here at Agape Academy. Experience your life unfold, as it transforms from a pain-filled body into a worry-free mind.

Revitalize your Life, Bring Back Balance

We don't always understand what we need in order to recover from challenges; however, when we tap into Universal Energy, it ALWAYS knows. Experience what it feels like to transform your energy and discover the new you, waiting at your next visit. Your body, mind and soul will love you for it!

Release your Worry and Take Charge

Remove blockages holding you back from easing into the life you were meant to experience. Through worry-free and powerful sessions designed to harmonize and align your past, present and future, manifest your place in the Universe as only you wish it to be.

Connect with your Subconscious

Interact with all your senses in the waking state and even the dream world to fully grasp your complete YOU. Each treatment and session is designed to connect with your complete being, allowing you to understand all that may challenge your growth and progression.

Treatments & Sessions

Prana Breathing
Sound Healing
Guided Meditations
Dream Integration
Past / Present Life Regression
Crystal Attunements

Agape Academy Seminars

Wholeness IS Oneness

It is equally important to not only engage during class time, but to ensure continued practice as well. Scheduled throughout the year, students are invited to partake in various group seminars and follow-up classes where we advance our learning potential and practice within group settings. We add to our knowledge base with shared insight from our own teachers, guest lecturers and students to greatly improve our learning and understanding.

Exercises, Exploration and Excursions

Come and explore what the Universe has to offer in small group settings, allowing for a closer connection to the activities with focused learning and a strong energetic connection with others. Either inside our school or outside, connecting with your divine selves will be rewarding and fun.

Meditations and Activities

Detachment is key to achieving all that you wish to manifest in your life, lead by purposeful meditation such as spiritual, focused or mantra, can help bring us come back to the present moment. Journey together and discover what your True Self reveals about your aspirations and dreams.

Nutrition Wellness

It is scientifically proven, that a whole-food plant based diet has all the disease-fighting power to help us stay strong and healthy for years. Previous ailments will seem to "disappear" simply based on food choices. Feel strong, energized, focused, and most of all, tap in to your divine self with ease.

Various Seminars

Exercises & Exploration:
Sharing Knowledge
Guided Meditations: Relaxation & Detachment
Nutrition Wellness:
Revitalize your Heath
Natural Products: Essential Oils, Flower/Plant based
Energetic Movement:
Yoga, Qi Gong, and more…

Agape Academy Retreats

Experience the Energy in Nature

Experience the power and the beauty of the whales up close, take in all the healing benefits while walking amongst the lush lavender fields, feel the energetic might of the volcanos whose height soars into the clouds, or solidly ground yourself right at home connecting to nature's own backyard of wonderment. Each retreat, whether near or far, offers the local experience connecting directly to the Universe by which it was conceived.

Tranquil and Serene

Find peace & harmony amongst nature, helping you to de-stress & recharge. As we go through various holistic exercises, including guided meditations, detachment & acceptance techniques, you will experience a new self-awareness, right before your eyes.

Connect with the Universe at the Root

Discover yourself at your core while connecting with the Universe at its roots. Take the time for you again and become one with your Divine self. Each retreat will give you the opportunity to detach from your worries, bringing new insight while connecting to your most powerful you.

Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition

What is better than a healthy home-cooked meal? One you don't have to make yourself. With all retreats you will experience the taste of nature's best and healthiest, meticulously crafted and made with love by local chefs willing to ensure your stay is one to be remembered.

Various Retreats

Experience the Whales:
Tadoussac, Quebec
Lavender Fields:
St. Eustache, Quebec
Healing Vortex:
Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Ultimate Grounding:
Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Qc

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