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Where the Universe BECOMES Your Plaground

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Go Beyond Limiting Beliefs

Take a journey through time and space, and see through the veil of illusion. Each course & each wellness session brings you closer to the most powerful you. Our customized courses become your vehicle as we discover together YOUR Universal playground.

Children's Academy Of Energetic Arts

All children have a place in our academy, where imagination and dreams enhance their creativity and their ability to reinvent themselves. Those with challenges will discover tools to empower their abilities and amplify their learning potential. A place where children can become their own superhero.

Children Academy Reiki 400 x 400-min

Reiki Master Certification for Children

Unique Reiki sessions designed for children & teens. Bringing peace and harmony to their...
Children Academy Sacred Geometry 400 x 400-min

Sacred Geometry Children: The Secret Code

Learn how Sacred Geometry Children greatly improves focus, concentration and creativity. The “Secret Code’s beauty...
QPI Portfolio Image 400 x 400-min

Quantum Power Intuition for Children: The “Superhuman”

Learn to ignite the 6 senses with Quantum Power Intuition for children. Discover “Superhuman” abilities....
Alchemy kids 400 x 400-min

Alchemy Children: The Rainbow Flame

Feel under pressure, crushed or in darkness? Alchemy Children brings your child into a powerful...

Academy of the Energetic Arts

Welcome to your Academy of the Energetic Arts. Here you are given the opportunity to discover the true essence of what it means to be you. The energy within will shine bright, illuminating your life and all those who are a part. Each series of courses is designed to greatly enhance your known gifts as well as bring out those you didn't even know existed. Taking the first step on this journey, will surely be one you will not want to return from, as the greatest lesson learned will be; How to reunite with your true love...YOURSELF!!!...and all the rest will follow... So come and enjoy while we learn and most importantly...HAVE FUN!!!

Course Reiki
Reiki Master Certification

Begin your journey into the wonderful world of energy, with the Usui Reiki Certification Program and become a Reiki Master.

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Quantum Reiki Master
Quantum Reiki Master Certification Program

Bring the entire universe to your cells with Quantum Reiki, by amplifying Reiki energy for the deepest repair you can imagine. When we look at

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Quantum Reiki 9
Quantum Reiki Grand Master Certification Program

Let go of all that holds you back with the Quantum Reiki Grand Master Certification. Launch into your life purpose and create your New Birth.

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Quantum Power Intuition Universal Learner Part 2
Quantum Power Intuition: The “Superhuman”

Learn to ignite your 6 senses with Quantum Power Intuition. Discover your “Superhuman” abilities. Engage all your senses like never before. Be your genuine self,

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Course Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry: The Secret Code

Learn how Sacred Geometry greatly improves focus, concentration and creativity. The Secret Code’s beauty is in its infinite potential. We have the unique ability to

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Human Connection Divine
Human Connection: The Divine Connection

Manifest your fantasies into reality. Filled with magic, wonder and falling in “True Unconditional Love” with yourself and with your partner. If you are complete

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Human Connection Business
Human Connection Business: The Successful Connection

What we say, what we think and how we feel, has a direct impact on the world around us and what happens next. Whether we

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Alchemy Unity of the cosmos
Alchemy: Ancient Secrets

Feel under pressure, crushed or in darkness? You are in a powerful place of transformation and transmutation. Flip your reality with Alchemy. There is joy

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