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Human Connection: The Divine Connection

Personal & Intimate Connections

Manifest your fantasies into reality. Filled with magic, wonder and falling in “True Unconditional Love” with yourself and with your partner. United as in one heart, one body and one soul we connect with our divine selves and merge as one complete being in our universe. This is no ordinary program about finding love or peace, for once you take the first step on this journey, what you discover along the way can only be described as pure bliss in its ultimate form.

Your Personal Journey Within

Follow an amazing journey while you learn how to truly connect with Source, yourself, and others as you have never experienced before. These classes are very interactive with many exercises to get the energies flowing in exactly the direction you wish for them to go.

Discover Peace among the Chaos

Learn powerful ways to work through difficult situations, catapulting you forward to create peace and harmony for all those involved. Become the observer and step back from challenges, transforming them into the direction you will them to go.

Intimacy at the Height of Source

Extend the connection with your partner (or yourself) beyond the realm of passion and into orbit. Tap into Source at the height of intimacy as it radiates throughout all planes of existence, body, mind and spirit. Then take this moment to manifest your dreams and your lives will change in all the ways you've dreamed of

Personal Connection Program


Introduction to Human Connection
● Know how to take care of yourself completely in order to fully take care of others
● Become the most emotionally stable and strongest you can be
● Learn how to recognize different realities (Darkest emotional state of mind to the purest and lightest)
● See beyond the perception of experiences
Recognize the “now” in all events related to past, present and future
● Develop the skills to “rewind” and “fast forward” time
● Learn to “Bend Space” (Bring friends and family closer together regardless how far a part they are)

Prerequisite: None
Duration: 1 Day


Personal Connection Part 1:
Internal Wisdom
● Connecting Energy Systems (Chakras, Ley lines)
● Loving Yourself
● Connecting the Elements within us
● How to fall in love with yourself and be complete with yourself
● Discover Communication and Mutual Understanding
● “Like Attracts Like” 
● If you are complete, then you will attract those who are complete

Prerequisite: Intro to Human Connection
Duration: 2 Days


Personal Connection Part 2:
Deepening Self Love
● Connecting to your True Ascended Self
● Connect to oneness, lasting longer without having huge dips in consciousness
● How the food we eat connects us to others and to the Earth
● Connecting “Time”, aligning to past, present and future as the “NOW”
● Finding a great deep love of yourself and a true love of all life
● Finding a sense of belonging, and sense of finally coming home

Prerequisite: Personal Connection Part 1
Duration: 2 Days


Personal Connection Part 3:
Universal Connection
● Regulate one’s body temperature
● Be able to control cold of your environment
● Be able to control heat of your environment
● Crossing the Veil of time
● Flow with the Earth in connection to humanity and all living beings
● Connecting with the elements

Prerequisite: Personal Connection Part 2
Duration: 2 Days

Intimate Connection Program


Intimate Connection Part 1:
● For Singles AND Couples 
● Learn how to love and share in unconditional love while connecting to Source and Oneness.
● Read subtle energy for the physical, emotional and spiritual signs
● Touching the on the Human meridian lines
● Speaking and manifesting in the light of passion
● Self exploration, through expression on an energetic level and through meditation
Prerequisite: Intro to Human Connection
Duration: 2 Days
$200 (Singles)
$350 (Couples)


Intimate Connection Part 2:
Heightening the Divine Connection
● Heighten the experience of intimacy
● Trace the Energy on the Body, mapping the energetic flow (more in depth meridian lines)
● Manipulate energy within the body to follow the flow of your choosing and that of your partner
● Create the expression of complete bliss to last
● The “Psychic Touch” & connecting through the astral

Prerequisite: Intimate Connection Pt.1
Duration: 2 Days
$250 (Singles)
$400 (Couples)


Intimate Connection Part 3:
The Void of Bliss
● In the void experience where an amazing amount of information is available in the aftermath Deleting and filling with love in all dimensions
● Extend the connection with your partner beyond passion and into orbit
● Connecting to your True Ascended Self
● Connecting “Time”, aligning to past, present and future as the “NOW”
● Connecting with the elements, of self and one another, at a deeper level

Prerequisite: Intimate Connection Pt 2
Duration: 2 Days
$300 (Singles)
$500 (Couples)

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