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Receive a Reiki Session

(All Ages)

Reiki is a scientifically proven, no-contact method, used to remove energy blockages within the body. Even though these blockages can be found throughout the body, Reiki energy penetrates through stagnant energy and flushes it out. By focusing on the major energy centers of the body known as chakras, a Reiki practitioner, by either “laying on of hands” or from a distance, channels energy from the most purest source, Universal Energy, sending Unconditional Love & Light to the receiving client. THE RESULTS ARE TRULY AMAZING!!!

Balance your internal & external overall being

When you receive Reiki you have been given a wonderful gift: a part of the Universal Consciousness. That which understands you as a complete being. Knowing where to target such as: Stress, Anxiety, Recharging, Finding Joy, Promoting better sleep, physical ailments, Finding Peace and Harmony. Whether chronic or otherwise, Reiki energy knows where to go. to help.

Any time, anywhere, as often as you wish

Reiki is Universal, therefore there are no age limits, nor any restrictions on who can benefit from it. There are absolutely NO side effects on its use. You can give and receive treatments as often as you like and to whomever you like…even plants and animals!!!

Regain composure and rejuvenate yourself

Negative thoughts, emotions or stresses can transfer to the body. If they do and are not handled with compassion, ailments can be created, manifesting in dis-ease. Correct imbalances and allow the mind to regain composure, then it will carry over to the body for rejuvenation and strength.

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We specialize in connecting directly with your unique energy signature, allowing us to help create the best experience possible. Each session begins with a mini consultation in order to target your exact needs and care, ensuring the most out of your session. Book your session today.

Private & Confidential

For Adults, Children & Teens (5-17 yrs)

Sessions in English & French

Remote or In-person

Academy Courses are always *FREE for repeating students

(*See course description for details)

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