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Dream Integration

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So often we are hindered with challenges to our lifestyles, environment and relationships among other preoccupations. If we do not resolve these issues swiftly, they can dig-in to the subconscious. The results are potential negative actions, emotions and ailments, sometimes even unrelated to the true dilemma. Let your dreams be the guide. Together, we dive into the dream-state, observe what your subconscious is telling us, then harmoniously work through the challenges. (this is not hypnosis)

Reveal Powerful Information

Did you know, that you can actually communicate with your subconscious and discuss problems all while in the dream? And even more-so, awake with concrete solutions. Anything that ails you can be resolved by observation and understanding from deep within. Together, let's facilitate the dream environment, focus on clarity and understanding, no matter the preoccupation.

Let your Dreams be the Road to Recovery

Our subconscious WANTS us to heal, it wants us to return to a balanced state and harmonious lifestyle. Yet sometimes our ego convinces us otherwise. That the need for the ailment outweighs the need to be released from it. When we tap into our dreams, we have the opportunity to see vividly the effects of our ego as an observer. This awareness begins the healing process.

Two Minds – One Dream

Dream Integration is a unique modality, allowing the connection of two consciousnesses in one environment. The practitioner and client share in the same dream state, interpret what is observed, identify the components necessary for change, then integrate unconditional love and light for the most profound awakening.

**As with all modalities, Dream Integration respects free will. One must be ready and willing to release from their ailments**

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