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Holy Fire Reiki Master Certification

An active energy source for thousands of years, it is said that this energy came from the Holy Spirit and was brought to us by Jesus Himself, in the form of His healing ways. Our focus in this course is to connect with Holy Fire Energy, embody it as a spiritual element, graciously given to us by enlightened beings. It will not only empower your existing Reiki practice, but embue it with a continuously active light from within.

Constantly Active by Illuminated Beings

As a Reiki practitioner during a session, you know when the energy begins to flow and when it ends. Imagine a constant flow of light energy to wherever you direct it. The beauty of Holy Fire is knowing you and your loved ones are constantly taken care of by illuminated beings each and every day.

Perpetual Unconditional Love Energy

The embodiment of all energy is Unconditional Love. When we apply Holy Fire on ourselves and our relationships, we are ensuring the added benefits of healing and nurturing directed where it needs to go. We need only activate it once, and it will reward us in more ways that we can count. Keep it in our hearts and minds, and it will continuously bring us a joy like no other.

Embodiment of the Illuminated Beings

We tend to mimic our frequency. And as such, by embodying the traits of the Enlightened Beings before us through Holy Fire Energy, we will notice more and more what it truly means to be: Humble, Compassionate, Loyal, Trusting, Faithful, Strong, Focused, Courageous, Loving, Caring, Peaceful… and so much more.

Holy Fire Reiki Master Certification Path


Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher
● Reiki 3rd Degree Master attunement
● Holy Fire Attunement / Ignitions
● Strengthen your Reiki practice
● How to attune Reiki First, Second, Third Deg.
● Several meditations into the experiences from our Ancient Ancestors
● Giving yourself Attunements and Ignitions
● Open your heart and awaken deep energetic blocks
● Learn to show others how they can do Reiki
● Learn how to teach Reiki to others
● Earn the title of Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher
Prerequisite: Reiki First & Second Degrees
Duration: 3 Days

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