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Human Connection: The Successful Connection

Universal Connection

What we say, what we think and how we feel, have a direct impact on us, the world around us and what happens next. Whether we create the path to success or failure we create it all with energy. Manifesting our deepest desires is truly attainable through taking charge of our own reality and our perception which forms it. Each one of us as this power readily available, and together we ignite its flame.

Harness the Power

No matter the position or financially stable one is, Energy remains the underlying power of it all and the key to unlocking infinite possibilities. Success is in the NOW!!!, not something to “go and get”, Believe you already have it, and it is yours. We take charge in the class right from the start

Orchestrated to Succeed

The world extends its love and support in many forms, touching all the senses. Here at Agape Energy Academy, your child’s gifts are encouraged and understood, leading to positive reinforcement, heightened potential and an eagerness to connect with others. This brings about connecting with the Universal language of Intuition.

Empowered by Possibilities

Children naturally sense much of the “unseen” universe by the gifts they are granted… yet on occasion, are unable to express experiences leading to frustration, confusion, anger, depression and anxiety. Here we encourage heightening their gifts through practice and focused exercises rising beyond existing capacities as limited beliefs are removed.

Successful Connection Program


Introduction to Human Connection:
The Successful Connection
● Know how to take care of yourself completely in order to fully support your peers / employees (ers)
● Become the most emotionally stable and strongest you can be
● Learn how to recognize different realities (Darkest emotional state of mind to the purest and lightest) and how this brings success to business
● See beyond the perception of experiences
● Recognize the “now” in all events related to past, present and future
● Develop the skills to “rewind” and “fast forward” time. This will help learn to let go of past experiences that causes pain in order to fast forward into a perfect future
● Learn to “Bend Space” – Know and recognize who will lead you to the “pot of gold”

Prerequisite: None
Duration: 1 Day
$150 (per person up to 8)
$125 (each additional person)


Successful Connection Part 1:
Internal Wisdom
● Connecting Energy Systems (Chakras, Ley lines) Tap into another’s positive energy and use it to motivate yourself
● Loving Yourself
● Connecting the Elements within us. (Eg: Calm during a presentation = Water, Driven to get more clients = Fire)
● How to accept, be proud and be honored by yourself in order recognize you have all you need to be successful, because YOU ARE successful
● Discover Communication and Mutual Understanding
● Learn to embrace “Like Attracts LIke” also Energy you put forward will shower you with the Energy you receive
● Learn to accept and embody, that If you know you are successful, then you will attract those who are successful
Prerequisite: Intro to HC: Successful Connection
Duration: 2 Days

$200 (per person up to 8)

$175 (each additional person)


Successful Connection Part 2:
Deepening Self Love and Empowerment
● Connecting to your True Ascended Self and sitting within your power
● How the food we eat connects us to others and to the Earth
● Connecting “Time”, aligning to past, present and future as the “NOW”
● Finding a great deep love of yourself and a true love of all life
● Finding a sense of belonging, and sense of finally coming home
● Connect to oneness, maintaining motivation without having huge dips in consciousness

Prerequisite: Successful Connection Part 1
Duration: 2 Days
$250 (per person up to 8)
$225 (each additional person)


Successful Connection Part 3:
Universal Connection
● Regulate one’s body temperature
● Be able to control cold of your environment
● Be able to control heat of your environment
● Crossing the Veil of time
● Flow with the Earth in connection to humanity and all living beings
● Flow with the elements in and out of us
Prerequisite: Successful Connection Part 2
Duration: 2 Days
$300 (per person up to 8)
$275 (each additional person

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