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Crystal Attunements

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The Universe is built upon crystal and rock. We are built upon the Universe. Therefore our body, mind and spirit are in constant resonance with all that is, was and ever will be. If we are out of tune, we need only to connect with that which is permanently in tune, and we will return to our rightful balance within. Crystal Attunements help bring our complete selves, back in line with the universal core.

Return the Body to its Natural State

Becoming unbalanced is not permanent, nor should we assume it to be. Yet when our true paths are curbed by circumstance, at times we need an extra boost to bring us back into alignment. With the right crystal at specific points on our body, like a automatic tuning fork to a piano, we are realigned.

Receive Amazing Activations Within

Connect with crystals that "call" to you, and watch the magic happen. We are drawn to specific frequencies due to our ability to ascend. When we allow this to happen, not only are more at peace, full of joy, content within ourselves and calm all around, but our body will rewards with fewer ailments and a sharper mind.

Transform and Connect to the Perfect Balance

Crystals are everywhere and in everything. Used to maintain momentum at extremely high speeds, these wonders of the universe, function to put what it's connected to, back into resonance. Capable of transforming the most irradicable of vibrations in to a healthy, consistent flow. Have you body, mind and spirit run like Swiss watch, crystal clear, precise.

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