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Unlock Your Creative Potential with Sacred Geometry

Agape Energy Academy offers you the opportunity to engage in art and geometry like never before. SACRED GEOMETRY is about connecting with the ultimate creative expression of the universe in a fun and unique way.
Join us and be immersed in form and beauty through various mediums, such as:

freehand and compass

Letting it Flow with Freehand and Compass

Course Highlights:

  • Draw Sacred Geometry with precision
  • Find balance and centeredness through geometry
  • Untangle the mind's confusion with creative meditation techniques
  • Connect to the Universal Truth and your True Self
  • Gain confidence in taking on new tasks

Canvasing Sacred Shapes with Paint & Brush

Course Highlights:

  • Envelop the Universal colors on canvas
  • Embrace creativity for problem-solving and self-expression
  • Appreciate the world's design and protect its beauty
  • Follow your intuition through creative techniques
sacred geometry paint
singing bowl

Sound Vibration on a Geometric Scale

Course Highlights:

  • Learn to play the Singing Bowl for "Sound Healing"
  • Create engaging music using singing bowls
  • Connect soothing tones with Sacred Geometry shapes
  • Compose Sacred Shapes with sound vibrations
  • Identify your vibrational center and represent it visually
  • Connect the singing bowl to the 5 elements

Benefits of Sacred Geometry

  • Trust Your "Inner Knowing"
  • Enhance Memory Function
  • Promote Calmness and Blood Flow
  • Appreciate and Connect with Nature
  • Expand Personal Creative Expression
  • Stimulate Both Sides of the Brain

Course Overview

Class 1: Secret Code of the Universe

Medium: Freehand and Compass

  • Unlock the "know-how" to create new geometric shapes
  • Recognize universal shapes in your environment and food

Class 2: Flow of Nature

Medium: Paint & Brush

  • Tap into your creative flow and place in creation
  • Meditate and calm the mind through painting

Class 3: Geometry in Nature

Medium: Observation & Meditation

  • Connect with sacred geometry found in the natural world
  • Explore the geometrical order in the environment
  • Deepen appreciation and compassion for flora & fauna

Class 4: Exploring Sound Geometry

Medium: Singing Bowl & Sound Vibration

  • Explore the connection between sound and geometry
  • Create sacred shapes using sound and vibration

Class 5: Geometry Meditation & Visualization

Medium: Meditation & Visualization Techniques

  • Use meditation to bring geometric shapes into the mind's eye
  • Experience the calming and transformative power of geometric meditation

Class 6: Connecting Mind and Body through Movement

Medium: Body Movement & Dance

  • Express sacred geometry through body movement and dance
  • Connect the physical and mental aspects of sacred geometry

Class 7: Embracing the Geometric Colour

Medium: Paint & Brush

  • Understand the significance of colour in sacred geometry
  • Create art that expresses the harmonious interplay of colours and shapes

Class 8: Harmony & Balance through Mandalas

Medium: Mandala Creation

  • Use mandalas to find balance and harmony within
  • Explore the therapeutic and spiritual aspects of mandalas

Accessible to All

Our classes are designed to be fully inclusive. Even if you have visual impairments colour vision deficiency (CVD), or hearing impairments, you can experience the beauty and creativity of the Universe in ALL its glory.

Enroll Now and Unleash Your Creative Energy with Sacred Geometry

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  • Supplies and tools provided:
  • Cost: $99 / person for the complete 8 sessions,

*Each class is independent, therefore missing classes will not cause one to fall behind

For inquiries, email or call us at (514) 581-0457

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