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Past / Present Life Regression Session

(All Ages)

“It has been noticed that children have memories from other lives and of their reincarnation”, says Dr. Raymond Moody, noting the countless number of studies proving that reincarnation exists. Reincarnation was even believed by the first religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and so on… Every society in ancient times knew of reincarnation of the soul. It is believed, after 3-5 months the soul enters the womb with all memories of past lives intact, including potential intense past life memories, whether it be trauma or joy which in turn may affect the new child’s birth as well as life after birth.

Discover the root cause of trauma

When the soul has experienced a trauma, it can turn into a fear or even phobia in our new life which can create blocks in the individual preventing the completion of our life mission. Dive into the root cause and root life where a trauma or phobia began, witness it, observe it, and understand it. Then, the soul can finally begin to heal.

Rewind the past and change your future

Past Life Regression allows you to understand why you are here, born on this Earth, and knowing what has limited you in order to let go and move forward. Avoid repeating negative life lessons (eg. abusive relationships) by healing the root cause in your past life and continuously stay on track with your soul purpose

Uncover the true you from all your lives

When you dive deep within and meet your past self, aside from the experience itself being amazing, you will discover wonderful changes to your overall being such as: The knowledge of your true life mission, removal of fears and phobias, release of life blocks and chronic ailments, alleviate insomnia and finally reveal a joy full filled with wonder.

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