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Reiki Master Certification

(5 – 17yrs)

Unique Reiki Master Certification designed for children & teens. Bringing peace and harmony to their universe while reducing stress, alleviating fear and connecting with their inner selves. Children with difficulties and challenges will find that Reiki energy brings peace of mind, body & spirit to themselves and their loved ones.

Connect with your True Self

Reiki energy works on all aspects, Body, Mind and Soul. When a child sends or receives energy, they are connecting with their True Self, this allows the child to regain harmony and balance within

Recognize your Power within

Their beautiful minds, although filled with imagination, magic and wonder, can sometimes challenge their feelings leaving them conflicted, open to emotional and physical ailments. Recognizing their power within will help them create their universal playground

Empowered by Possibilities

When Reiki is introduced to a child at a young age, they are given a gift which they will forever be able to use and share with all those whom they cross. When introduced to a healthy lifestyle in the midst of the world in which they live, they are empowered by possibility and given the confidence to make the right decisions for themselves, leading to healthier and happier lives.

Reiki Master Certification Path


Reiki First Degree:
Self Love
● Self-heal
● Connect with one's own divinity
● Access an amazing FREE energy field
● Balance the body, emotions and mind
● Awaken two energy channels within
● Access an amazing free energy field
● Attune into an unconditional love vibration
● Tap into an amazing relaxation method
● Accelerate healing of loved ones
● Find your spiritual home
Prerequisite: None
Duration: 1 Day


Reiki Second Degree:
Distance & Remote Therapies
● Perform distant treatments while developing your intuition
● Direct energy for specific conditions and purposes
● Increase your capacity for Reiki energy channels
● Protect yourself
● Release emotional blockages
● Resolve patterns of behaviour
● Bridging the gap between time and space – send energy for a future time and date, or resolve the past
● Send energy in an emergency situation
● Breathing techniques to help maintain composure during stressful times
● Manifest your wishes
Prerequisite: Reiki First Degree
Duration: 1 Day


Reiki Third Degree:
Master Certification
● Tap into True Self where discernment and decision making become easier
● “Close” a Reiki session with a powerful seal
● Tap into the ability for universal understanding of the world during meditation sessions
● Harmonize and balance larger groups
● Handle emotional blockages for self and others
● Treat the consciousness of the condition
● Crystalline Therapy
● Vibration Techniques
● Earn the certification of Reiki Master
Prerequisite: Reiki Second Degree
Duration: 1 Day

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