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About Us

Natalie & Saul

Compassionate professional, with strong interpersonal and active listening skills. Natalie & Saul have been enthusiastically involved in the healing arts of alternative medicine and wellness since a very young age. Both having an innate capacity to understand “subtle energy”, the complexities of human emotion, and the biofield to which they relate. Combined with the healing modality of Reiki, trained under the tutelage of Grand Master Brana, MA in Biomedical engineering and founder of the DivineYu Academy, Natalie & Saul have given Energy Wellness a whole new meaning.

Our Vision

We strive to empower students with the ability to go beyond their own limiting beliefs. In a safe and caring environment, we foster creative and inquisitive students, enabling them to discover their highest potential & purpose. Connect with your inner child, and learn what true peace, happiness and joy can manifest in your life.

Our Mission

To create an awakened world, where unconditional love and compassion form the cornerstones of the universe. We do this by providing high quality tools to build upon the Universal Laws. Students discover how to expand their senses, create abundance, and learn to harness the magic each one carries inside.

Our Mission for Children

The future truly begins with our children. The strength of their love and light within have the ability to bring the world together. Since a child’s limiting beliefs have yet to be bound by the “real-world”, it is an opportunity for them to explore their own creativity and deepen their own understanding of the universe. Our Academy accepts and holds a special place for children to explore and grow into their own uniqueness.

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We specialize in connecting directly with your unique energy signature, allowing us to help create the best experience possible. Each session begins with a mini consultation in order to target your exact needs and care, ensuring the most out of your session. Book your session today.

Private & Confidential

For Adults, Children & Teens (5-17 yrs)

Sessions in English & French

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