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Quantum Energy Certifications

With the Quantum Energy Master Certification, bring the entire universe to your cells, by amplifying energy for the deepest repair you can imagine. Then follow with the Quantum Energy Grandmaster Certification and let go of all that holds you back launching you into your life purpose and create your New Birth. These courses are designed to stimulate and awaken your entire being, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!!

Connect with your True Self

When we apply Quantum Energy, we are engaging with the energies of the Reiki field, supercharging it with the Universal keys and focusing these keys on all the areas of our lives, from the cosmic to cellular and even to DNA. When we enable communication with all life in all of existence, we create a bond that cannot be broken.

Recognize your Power within

Our appreciation for all that is, was, and ever will be, is acknowledged in the cosmos, and the truth of who we really are is expressed through our soul mission. The gift of our subconscious is revealed as we awaken to keys helping us achieve our greatest manifestations.

Empowered by Possibilities

Reiki symbols will be boosted beyond their existing capabilities to their highest potential. The more you work specific keys, the more they become a part of you and will teach you exactly how to use them. Learn the ultimate key and become the Master of Masters.

Quantum Energy Master Certification Path


QE Level 1:
Opening the Quantum Channels
● Be able to feel what the love of the Universe feels like
● Introduction to what it feels like to embrace all life
● Combining more than one energy key
● Learn to quiet the mind and hone in on the energies
● How to playfully take the energy out of one place and put in into another
● Focus on your heart in order to tap into the Quantum Energy world
● Learn to accept and love every relationship, amplifying the use of Quantum Energy
● Using Quantum clarity of the mind
Prerequisite: Reiki Master Cert. / Online Video Chat
Duration: 1 Day


QE Level 2:
The Beginning of all Life
● How to download from the Cosmic Internet
● Learn the way to connect between the Talisman and the Body
● Create wellness within the digestion system
● Learn to let go of fear
● Have a deeper connection with all life
● During use of Talisman, develop a constant connection to True Self
● Learn the abilities from the Universal understanding of the physical world
● Let go of what we think we need to do
● Recognizing to trust the energy and letting go of doubt
Prerequisite: QR Level 1
Duration: 1 Day


QE Level 3a:
Beginning of Life Entering your Life
● Allowing the purest potential of light into itself and across the universe
● Be able to convert the light beam and use it to help others
● Use the light that flows throughout the cosmos and into you
● Differentiate the vibrations of all of creation
Be able to recognize where and how keys flow out of everything
● Connect to more than what we know as life on Earth
● Connect to all universal lifeforms
● Impact the cellular body across all our lifetimes and more
● Dive into the subconscious, remove blocks and embrace happiness
● Clean out the emotional and spiritual body
Prerequisite: QR Level 2
Duration: 2 Days


QE Level 3a:
Beginning of First Breath
● Remove complications and struggles within your life
● Help yourself and others to bring joy into your existence
● Cleanse your spirit and soul
● Say goodbye to Karma
● Recognize your goals for health and success
● Nourish your overall soul’s health
● Rediscover your life purpose
● Create an overall improvement on your life
● Gain emotional courage
● Remove spiritual blockages
Prerequisite: QR Level 3a
Duration: 2 Days


Quantum Energy Master Certification:
The Master Key
● Using the Quantum Energy Master level key will allow you to tap into your subconscious, harness the power within, and provide you with the ability to know exactly which key to use and when.
● Since Quantum Energy is the root of all energies, you will also be able to obtain the knowledge to copy any and all Reiki symbols, no matter from which Reiki Academy you’ve seen them from and use it in your sessions as though you have already been attuned to them.
● With this method, those Reiki symbols will be boosted beyond their existing potential to their highest potential.
● The more you work with this key, the more it becomes a part of you and teaches you exactly how to use it.
● Learn the ultimate key so that you never need another Reiki course again. Become the Master of Masters.
Prerequisite: QR Level 3b
Duration: 2 Days

Quantum Energy Grandmaster Certification Path


QE Level 5:
Burning Away What No Longer Serves
● Jumpstart your frequencies
● Create motivation
● Help stimulate Kundalini
● Deepen connection to Creation
● Burn away fears
● Learn to let go the lack of safety
● Let go of fertility blockages (If applicable)
● Improve sensuality
● Burn away issues tied to sexuality and sexual drive
Prerequisite: QR Master Cert.
Duration: 2 Days


QE Level 6:
The Flow of Life
● Deeper development of your intuition no matter what level you’re at now
● Psychic and empathic abilities greatly enhanced
● Unblock and release inabilities, empowering your 3rd Eye
● View the Akasha at a different level, further than anything you’ve ever learned from other Reiki practices
● Move the energy within the body and out of the body
● Empower your third eye
● Wash away Insomnia
● Eliminate anger
● Let go of fears
● Remove insecurities
● Clear away judgement
● Release stagnation of outdated grounded beliefs
Prerequisite: QR Level 5
Duration: 2 Days


QE Level 7:
Unraveling the Secrets to Subconscious Blocks
● Reveals the secrets of the subconscious in ways you may needed to know the root cause
● Highlights something deep within the Shadow-Self to repair it and clear it without actually having to know what it is
● Shows you unknown truths
● Isolates something unstable within you, corner it and make it show its true colors (physical and non)
● Aids in discovering the root cause of repetitive depression
● Helps find the root of PTSD
● Encourages the elimination of paranoia
● Helps to conquer unknown traumas
Prerequisite: QR Level 6
Duration: 2 Days


QE Level 8:
True Balance & The Middle Way
● Slowing down the emotional impact of the environment, allowing you to think fast in order to come up with a solution
● Highlights the source of energy that is affecting a certain aspect of life
● Bring the Hermetic laws into balance
● Identify where the Yin and Yang have imbalance of life frequencies of mind, body and spirit
● Can slow down the velocity of an energy affecting a Life frequency
● Helps you come to terms with why something emotionally impacted you
● Opens up lessons within the Chakras in order to complete your Life Mission
● Neutralizes emotional pain that may be unresolved
Prerequisite: QR Level 7
Duration: 2 Days


QE Level 9:
Quantum Energy Grandmaster Cert.:
Happiness, Joy, Grace & Bliss
● Neutralizes emotional pain that may be unresolved, and detaches you from it
● Can be experienced as electricity, burning sensation, increased heart rate, or static
● Mirrors an individual’s vibration back at oneself for transmutation, transfiguration, and transformation
● Brings Illumination to all shadows involved in an experience
● Highlights clues to aspects of the Soul that need cleaning
● Unifies the Oneness within all that is with ones system
● Cuts through illusions being projected by everyday Life
● Helps build a healing experience that restructures extreme stagnation in ones Life
● Cuts through energetic tethers within the subconscious
Prerequisite: QR Level 8
Duration: 2 Days

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