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Pranayama Breathing Session

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Imagine if each breath not only sustains your life, but rejuvenates it. Prana breathing is an ancient technique used to bring amazing results into one's own life. When we learn how "Life Energy" (Prana) is controlled (Yama) we begin see the everlasting changes in our daily lives. From creating our own internal fountain of youth to taking on stressful situations with ease, these body-mind techniques are surely ones you will not want to stop doing.

Increase lung capacity & brain activity

By following specific techniques and rhythms, you will grow your lung capacity. Increasing the amount of oxygen received, means decreasing the amount of strain our body goes through to function. The benefits of a stronger pulmonary system are priceless. Brain activity also increases with Prana techniques as oxygen fills at a cellular level heightening our focus and concentration.

Strengthen your respiratory system

If you suffer from any respiratory issues, by allowing a fuller capacity of oxygen to flow deeply and cleanly throughout your body, not only will your red blood cells be at maximum capacity purifying every inch of your body, but on the exhale, a greater release of carbon dioxide means more toxins are released from within.

Greater overall wellbeing

Look younger, feel younger, gain more energy for activities that you love to do. After a Prana breathing session you will instantly feel the overall change in your wellbeing. And as you carry on further practice, longer term results will be seen with things like; reduction in blood pressure, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, and so much more…

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