REIKI – The Health Practitioner’s Best Friend

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What is Energy?

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, we carry it with us always and forever. When we are on a plane, the instructions are clear: “Place your mask on first before placing the mask on the child in the seat next to you.” As a health practitioner, important as it is to eat healthy and exercise, it is equally important, not to forget that either receiving or giving yourself Reiki will strengthen you. It will help you when tending to your patients as you will be stronger and have more stamina to do so. Reiki energy is not bound by our physical bodies, instead, it expands out to the universe. Intertwined within the energies of others. It is for this reason that we connect with others’ thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical aspects.


As a practitioner, you can be in a hostile and negative environment on the frontlines of the battlefield,. Issues can arise when energy’s effect on the mind, such as negative thoughts, emotions or stresses, transfer to the body. If they do, and are not handled with compassion, ailments can be created, manifesting in dis-ease of all types. Reiki helps to correct these energetic imbalances, allowing the mind to regain composure, then carry over to the body for rejuvenation and strength. As Healthcare practitioners, you are not robots and even the best of doctors and nurses alike, can be emotionally attached to some of your patients, this can take a toll, create strain and burnout, also adding a heaviness in your everyday home and family life. Receiving treatments or learning to help yourself with Reiki Energy, will allow you alleviate these strains, recharge and empower you.

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REIKI targets your needs

It is a scientifically proven, no-contact method, used to remove energy blockages within the body. Even though these blockages can be found throughout the body, Reiki energy penetrates through stagnant energy and flushes it out. By focusing on the major energy centers of the body known as chakras, a Reiki practitioner, by either “laying on of hands” or from a distance, channels energy from the most purest source, Universal Energy, or as one may consider it Unconditional Love & Light to the receiving client. THE RESULTS ARE TRULY AMAZING!!!

Click to read Research References on Reiki in a Heath care setting: A Large-Scale Effectiveness Trial of Reiki
for Physical and Psychological Health

REIKI Benefits

Reiki benefits are similar and unique at the same time because YOU are unique. Since we all handle situations differently , Reiki’s benefits to balancing energy, touch upon these and many other areas in need.

  • Alleviate Fear
  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Recharge your Energy
  • Promote better Sleep
  • Find Joy again
  • Bring yourself back into Balance
  • Find Peace and Harmony
  • and more…

Who is REIKI for?

Reiki is Universal, therefore there are no age limits, nor any restrictions on who can benefit from it. There are absolutely NO side-effects on it’s use. You can give and receive treatments as often as you like and to whomever you like…even plants and animals!!!

  • Individuals of all ages
  • Children of all ages
  • Groups – no matter the size
  • Corporate – Large & Small Business
  • Animals – Domestic, Farm, etc.
  • Flora & Fauna

Or learn how to give Reiki to yourself and your loved ones.