Past Life Regression – Solidifying your Future

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Why do you need Past Life Regression?

“It has been noticed that children have memories from other lives and of their reincarnation”, says Dr. Raymond Moody, noting the countless number of studies proving that reincarnation exists. Reincarnation was even believed by the first religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and so on… Every society in ancient times knew of reincarnation of the soul. It is believed, after 3-5 months the soul enters the womb with all memories of past lives intact, including potential intense past life memories, whether it be trauma or joy which in turn may affect the new child’s birth as well as life after birth.

Past Live Regression is about Love & Connection

Past Life Regression

From the past, to the future and everything in between

When the soul has experienced a trauma, this can turn into a fear or even phobia in this new life which can create blocks in the individual preventing the completion of their life mission. Doing a past life regression, diving into the root cause and root life where the trauma or phobia began, witnessing it, observing it, understanding it, can help the soul let go and finally forgive it. Also, in this situation, an oath from a past life, for example, denouncing all needs and wants of money, or material possessions can follow through in this life, creating financial difficulties in retaining money. This could be a subconscious thought that “money is dirty, or evil”

Past Life Regression Therapy Benefits

Past Life Regression Therapy allows you to understand why you are here, born on Earth, knowing what has limited you in order to let go and move forward.

  • Resolve fears
  • Life blocks
  • Remove physical growths in the body
  • Find out your life mission
  • Avoid repeated negative life lessons (eg. abusive relationships) by healing the root cause in your past life
  • Continuously stay on track with your soul purpose
  • Remove phobias
  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Recharge your Energy
  • Alleviate insomnia promoting better Sleep
  • Find Joy again
  • Bring yourself back into Balance
  • Find Peace and Harmony
  • and more…

Who is Past Life Regression for?

Past Life Regression Therapy is Universal, therefore there are no age limits, nor any restrictions on who can benefit from it. There are absolutely NO side-effects on it’s use. You can give and receive treatments as often as you like and to whomever you like…even plants and animals!!!

  • Individuals of all ages
  • Children of all ages: When working with children, it is more of a conversation related to memories the child already sees and speaks about.